Vavedo Visual is an Australian-based Virtual Reality company with a mission to better the client experience within the building industry.

Getting ideas on paper comes naturally to an architect. However, it can be tough to communicate those ideas to clients with varying backgrounds and skill sets.

We use Virtual Reality software to solve this problem. We can now share our design concepts to our clients in real time. Vavedo Visual evolved from the desire to effectively communicate our designs to all of our clients.



Anyone who has gone through the building process can tell you that it is full of many unknowns and unforeseen challenges. Imagine having the ability to see into the future and work out weak points in your design, whilst the plans are still at concept stage. 

The longer you wait to make a change during construction, the higher the costs. Making those changes at a walkthrough stage can significantly reduce the costs of variations. Make those decisions at the start of the project by understanding what the final result should look like.

Be confident on site, you can view your walkthrough on any device with an internet connection and an internet browser. Send your walkthrough to your builder. They can view detailed work that may have been missed on the plans. They will be able to better organise trades and see problems before they occur.

How it works

1. Choose your package

Select from our pricing plans to suit your needs & budget. We can also customise our plans and products.

2. Send your plans

​Upload your Architectural Plans in PDF or CAD. We will base our 3D models directly on your CAD files.

3. Choose your colours

Choose from our exterior and interior finishes that suit your style. Otherwise, upload your specified finishes and we can match them.

our Vavedo 3D Walkthrough packages


Design Professionals

Join the growing number of design professionals who utilise Vavedo Visual 3D Walkthroughs to assist their clients in visualising design concepts.

They may now show off their creation in all of its splendour. When both the designer and the client are on the same page, the number of design changes is reduced. This is a tool that
 allows you to save time so you can focus on your next project.

Building Companies

See why building companies choose to use this tool as an alternative to building a display home. Imagine having every design on display in your very own Virtual Village – all of your creations with every alternative material on display.

You would never imagine that you could have the ability to change colour schemes on a display home; now Vavedo Visual 3D Walkthroughs provide that opportunity at a fraction of the cost.

Builders and Trades

Builders and tradesmen are using Visual 3D Walkthroughs throughout the building process. Being able to show your clients what the finished product will look like avoids confusion and misunderstandings that can ruin client–builder relationships.

Have the ability to avoid those issues with a visualisation that is detailed right down to the fittings and fixtures within your specifications and building contracts.


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