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The Problem with the 2D Plan Approach for Building Clients

Anyone who has gone through the building process can tell you that it is full of many unknowns and unforeseen challenges. Imagine having the ability to see into the future and work out weak points in your design, whilst the plans are still at concept stage.

The longer you wait to make a change during construction, the higher the costs. Making those changes at a walkthrough stage can significantly reduce the costs of variations. Make those decisions at the start of the project by understanding what the final result should look like.

How Building Clients Typically Work Around the 2D Plan Approach?

Going away and studying your design is the best way to figure out that you are getting exactly what you wanted. Usually, you are left to do this with 2D visualisations and Floor Plans that you need to learn to read in a short amount of time.

What is worse is having to deal with these changes during the building process, this is where costs can skyrocket out of control.

Changing the 2D Plan Paradigm for Building Clients

Vavedo Walkthroughs are one of the only ways to really understand a concept design, without having to build it first. Here you are given the opportunity to question every aspect of the design, with confidence before it becomes too costly. Be confident on site, you can view your walkthrough on any device with an internet connection and an internet browser.

Send your walkthrough to your builder. They can view detailed work that may have been missed on the plans. They will be able to better organise trades and see problems before they occur

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"As a custom home builder, Vavedo has helped us bring our plans to life. Assisting our clients with visualising their future homes has helped reduce plan changes as clients have been able to see the design of the home not just on a piece of paper. Rocco and Lisa have been amazing to work with,  always prompt with their responses and our clients cannot fault their walkthroughs."

Amy Young

“The Team at Vavedo helped us visualise the use of our outdoor space with a 3D walkthrough. This helped us make critical design decisions about space, heights and which materials to use before we started building. This I feel avoided disappointment with an unsatisfactory outcome and expensive modifications. Would definitely use again for my next construction project.”

Jason Piccinin

“We can't thank Rocco and Lisa at Vavedo Visual enough for bringing our dream home into a virtual reality! Their professionalism and drive in bringing our designs to life has exceeded our expectations. Would highly recommend!!”

Francesca Romano