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The Problem with the 2D Plan Approach for Builders

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult and demonstrating who you are and what makes you different is the key to success for any building company. You need to be able to connect with your potential clients.

How do you stop a client from jumping from Builder to Builder and start getting them to compare apples to apples?

How Builders Typically Work Around the 2D Plan Approach?

A great way to communicate who you are and what you do is with a Display Home or walking clients through your previous designs. Display homes are static. They are built in a certain location and do not represent all of the designs, layouts and facades that you provide.

Location is also restricted to areas where you think the most growth will be. Cost is also a factor, usually these builds are over specified to show your creativity.

Changing the 2D Plan Paradigm for Builders

A Vavedo Walkthrough can demonstrate all of your designs at a fraction of the cost to build a Display Home. They are not static and one design can demonstrate multiple facades, material options and layouts with the click of a button. Your potential clients will be able to walk through each of your designs and be able to see all of your offerings without leaving to see if your competitor offers something different.

You are no longer tethered to one location. You can show all of your offerings at any time of the day from any location. All you potential client needs is access to a device with internet connectivity.

Imagine getting to the tender stage and losing out on a client because they could only compare numbers on a spreadsheet. Give your clients more by offering them a final walkthrough of their design for them to get excited about and be the reason they sign on the dotted line.

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"As a custom home builder, Vavedo has helped us bring our plans to life. Assisting our clients with visualising their future homes has helped reduce plan changes as clients have been able to see the design of the home not just on a piece of paper. Rocco and Lisa have been amazing to work with,  always prompt with their responses and our clients cannot fault their walkthroughs."

Amy Young

“The Team at Vavedo helped us visualise the use of our outdoor space with a 3D walkthrough. This helped us make critical design decisions about space, heights and which materials to use before we started building. This I feel avoided disappointment with an unsatisfactory outcome and expensive modifications. Would definitely use again for my next construction project.”

Jason Piccinin

“We can't thank Rocco and Lisa at Vavedo Visual enough for bringing our dream home into a virtual reality! Their professionalism and drive in bringing our designs to life has exceeded our expectations. Would highly recommend!!”

Francesca Romano