Resolve designs, construction issues and building work clashes before a shovel hits the ground. Avoid costly work arounds and save time and money on those last-minute changes. A Vavedo Visual 3D Walkthrough can be used on-site to provide a visual snapshot into the future for tradies and builders to coordinate work at each stage of construction.

Design Professioanals

Join the growing number of design professionals who utilise Vavedo Visual 3D Walkthroughs to assist their clients in visualising design concepts.

They may now show off their creation in all of its splendour. When both the designer and the client are on the same page the number of design changes is reduced. This is a tool that
allows you to save time so you can focus on your next project.

Building Companies

See why building companies choose to use this tool as an alternative to building a display home. Imagine having every design on display in your very own Virtual Village – all of your creations with every alternative material on display.

You would never imagine that you could have the ability to change colour schemes on a display home; now Vavedo Visual 3D Walkthroughs provide that opportunity at a fraction of the cost.

Builders & Trades

Builders and tradesmen are using Visual 3D Walkthroughs throughout the building process. Being able to show your clients what the finished product will look like avoids confusion and misunderstandings that can ruin client–builder relationships.

Have the ability to avoid those issues with a visualisation that is detailed right down to the fittings and fixtures within your specifications and building contracts.

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"As a custom home builder, Vavedo has helped us bring our plans to life. Assisting our clients with visualising their future homes has helped reduce plan changes as clients have been able to see the design of the home not just on a piece of paper. Rocco and Lisa have been amazing to work with,  always prompt with their responses and our clients cannot fault their walkthroughs."

Amy Young

“The Team at Vavedo helped us visualise the use of our outdoor space with a 3D walkthrough. This helped us make critical design decisions about space, heights and which materials to use before we started building. This I feel avoided disappointment with an unsatisfactory outcome and expensive modifications. Would definitely use again for my next construction project.”

Jason Piccinin

“We can't thank Rocco and Lisa at Vavedo Visual enough for bringing our dream home into a virtual reality! Their professionalism and drive in bringing our designs to life has exceeded our expectations. Would highly recommend!!”

Francesca Romano